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Celebration of Togetherness

"When you cherish the emotional value of a gift, it can never really be lost, for what you carry in your heart is yours to keep, forever." 

A brand nurtured with love to spread love across communities through the products and the stories it creates. A brand that has all things that you need for a perfect Indian wedding. From wedding accessories to conscious home decor & utility products. A brand that believes in taking that little step towards conscious living and passing it on for generations to come. At Minimal Affairs, we believe that a gift has the power to pass on hope, love, and warmth. 

How do we get our start?

We source products from the local skilled artisans from different parts of the country. We believe in uplifting the art of handmade products and small goods from the origins of our country. These handpicked and handmade products then undergo finest quality checks and are packed with love to share the joy of gifting consumers.

What makes our products unique?

Our products are handmade from the local indigenous artists across India. They are raw, pure and beautifully made to bring that warmth to your celebration. The ingredients/material used in our products are sourced from local areas and then given life by skilled artists.

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